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Service features

Service rating 2.5 out of 5.0
Prices from $7 for 7 days
Deadline No
Refund Policy No
Revision Policy No

Company Overview

123HelpMe main page

123HelpMe is a company offering paper samples and grammar checking tools. Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. owns this website. When I first saw this web service, I was a little surprised. The company does not offer writing services or any additional options. Besides, the interface and the main menu of the site are quite minimalistic. Is 123HelpMe.com legit? Let's find out the answer to this question together!

Prices and Deadlines

First of all, you should know that the company does not sell samples and does not provide any additional services. You can subscribe instead. Let's say you want to access paid samples and test the capabilities of the website. Then you should pay $7 per week. It is worth noting that a subscription for 30 days will cost you $29.95. By purchasing a three-month tariff plan, you can save about 30%.

123HelpMe pricing

In this case, the monthly subscription will cost you $19.95. Subscribing to an annual tariff plan can save you up to 60%, so monthly access to the samples will cost you $9.95. However, I would not like to dwell only on prices. Let's continue this 123HelpMe.com review, and I will tell you about the details of my user experience.

1Large paper sample database
1No free papers
2Online grammar checking tool
2Plagiarized samples
3No online chat
4Poor papers quality
1Large paper sample database
2Online grammar checking tool
1No free papers
2Plagiarized samples
3No online chat
4Poor papers quality

Paper Quality and My Experience Using This Service

Since I don't see any reason to subscribe for a month or a year, I decided to test the quality of the samples with minimal spending. This is why I chose the weekly subscription for seven dollars. What does the subscriber get if this amount is paid? First of all, this is access to a large database of 400,000+ samples. In addition, there are essays, dissertations, capstone projects, and other assignments.

I chose the regular essay. It's worth noting that the "College Athletes Should Be Paid" topic seemed pretty interesting to me. In general, I would not call this paper very bad. The writer gives strong enough arguments, and I agree with them. But you should understand that all the essays on this site are not original. This means that you cannot download a sample and send it to your professor.

123HelpMe quality of papers

All papers are provided as an example, so you still have to write your assignments yourself. Moreover, I found five unclear sentences, about six missing commas, and misspelled words. Plus, the writer doesn't know when to write the semicolon. The site says that all samples are donations. Do you believe in this marketing gimmick? Did about half a million students agree to write the papers for free? I do not believe in that. Plus, I agree with many of the negative 123HelpMe.com reviews. What's the point in paid samples if you still need to write papers?

Refund and Revision Policies

When I first started writing this 123Help Me review, I wanted to know if a customer can count on revisions. This would be logical, given that I received not the best essay in the world. Unfortunately, all samples are provided "as is," and you cannot require any amendments. But the most important option is refunding. When I read the negative 123HelpMe reviews, this aspect seemed very strange to me. Now I understand everything. Take a look at the screenshot below.

123HelpMe refund

All subscription fees are not refundable. For you, this means a one-way ticket. If you are willing to take risks, you can subscribe. However, no one will reimburse you for wasted time. The fact is that most of the samples can be safely thrown into the trash can. This is why my 123HelpMe review aims to warn you against wasting money.

Support and Communication

Here's another aspect that surprised me a lot. There is no online chat on the site. If you want to contact support agents, then you need to use an email. But the problem is that I wrote to these guys three times and never got an answer. This is very strange since even scammers almost always answer my questions. Is 123HelpMe legit? I cannot answer this question unambiguously. But these guys are at least not interested in answering your questions.


This is the first time I don't know what to say at the end. This site looks pointless to me. If you want to get your paper quickly, it's easier for you to find reliable writing services. If you will write your essays or articles yourself, why would you waste money on samples? There are many websites where you can find any examples for free. You shouldn't waste time on this site. This is nothing more than a waste of money.


It looks a lot like a legit company. However, I did not find information about the registration date or the head office. You must be careful. Also, You should not subscribe if you are not sure about the legality of the company.

This is an unreliable company as you access the samples as a reference and cannot copy them to send to your professor. You still have to write your papers.

I have not found any confirmation that your data will be safe if you subscribe. Therefore, you should think twice before entering your bank card details on this website.

This site offers samples, but you can't just copy them. That is why I believe that this company is not working properly. It will be easier for you to order papers from a writing service.

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