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📌One of the most reliable and professional essay writing services of the ✔️ 2021.

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📌Affordable prices and the team of professional writers📝 have made it one the best essay services among students all over the world.

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📌Even if you're on a tight budget 💰, you can afford this services and enjoy its good quality of services.


Service features

Service rating 3.0 out of 5.0
Prices from $25
Deadline 12 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

Company Overview

How to define a reliable writing service from a site where you get a bad paper? You will be promised a lot of benefits without clear confirmation of all claims. I want to start my Onlineclasshelp review with the look and feel of the site. This is a writing service for those who like to read texts.

Onlineclasshelp main page

There is no clear description of the service, no fixed price, or no explanation of how to order tasks. But only marketing slogans await you. I was surprised that the site does its best to motivate customers to call by phone. But let me not jump to conclusions, and we start this Online Class Help review.

1Free quotes
1Poor quality of papers
2Online support
2Slow customer support
3Missed deadlines
4Individual pricing policy
1Free quotes
2Online support
1Poor quality of papers
2Slow customer support
3Missed deadlines
4Individual pricing policy

Prices and Deadlines

I read a lot of Online Class Help reviews before testing the service in person. The first thing that alerted me was the price difference. I thought that the reviewers were silent on certain details, but this turned out to be not the case. The point is, you won't find prices per page or a certain number of words. You should write to the manager in the online chat or call by phone to find the final price.

Ways to get the price

I decided to place two orders from different IP addresses. In both cases, I ordered a two-page history essay. The only difference was in themes. The online chat manager said the price starts at $35 per page. When I called on the phone, I learned that my paper could be written for $30. I was also offered an Onlineclasshelp discount. It's strange that the price is so different. I also learned that the minimum deadline is twelve hours.

Paper Quality and My Experience Using This Service

The problem is that you will definitely have to communicate with the manager by phone, even if you start making an order in the online chat. Please include your name, email, and attach your paper details. After that, you will be contacted to clarify the details. My essay cost me $56 with a discount.

So, is Online Class Help scam or not? On the one hand, they were polite to me, and I quickly received a callback. But the problems started with the deadline. In the beginning, I didn't receive my paper on time. The expert was 23 minutes late. This is not critical for me, but some students don't have that much time. Plus, I immediately found grammatical and punctuation errors in the first paragraph.

Paper quality and my experience Using this service

Another problem is light plagiarism. According to the information on the website, all experts write tasks from scratch. But why then did I find individual sentences on the internet without problems? The revision took about two hours. At first, I could not even get an answer to my claims. But even after I received my paper again, I was not satisfied with the result. Most likely, the service uses freelancers' services, and the management has problems with fast communication. Anyway, Online Class Help Reddit reviews also contained complaints from people about the slowness of managers.

Refund and Revision Policies

There are free revisions here, but you won't like their speed. Prepare to wait for hours or even days. The service states that any student can ask for a refund in case of a low grade. But the problem is that the site's management is silent about the return format. The fact is that you have no more than 12 hours to request, and you must provide a copy of your papers and a whole list of parts. I think that Onlineclasshelp safe chat is not the best place for my private data.

Support and Communication

Many Onlineclasshelp reviews are silent that managers respond quickly only at the stage of ordering papers. If you have any complaints, the average response time will be more than 10 minutes. This is a fact that you need to accept or find an alternative site. Is Online Class Help Reliable? I would not use this site.

Support chat


My review is drawing to a close, and it's time to take stock. This site has several advantages when it comes to ordering papers. But managers can tell you a different price. This means that the same order can cost you 10-15% more. Is legit? Legally, this is a legal site. But you shouldn't order papers here.


It's a legit site. But you won't like the quality of the writing service.

This is partly true. You won't get quality service here.

No one guarantees that you will receive your assignment on time. The quality of the papers is similar to Russian roulette.

This site is not working properly. Forget the quality of assignments here.

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