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Author: / Updated July 21, 2021

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Service features

Service rating 3.1 out of 5.0
Prices from £80
Deadline 6 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

Company Overview

Oxbridge Essays main page

Today I am going to tell you about the Oxbridge Essays company. It is a writing service for British students and a part of The Oxbridge Research Group Ltd. The company is headquartered in London. However, if you visit the marked location, you can only find the local library. So it is unlikely that the writers have hidden somewhere behind the bookshelves. The whole situation is a little suspicious. But let me start this Oxbridge Essays review from the beginning.

Prices and Deadlines

Although the website is beautifully designed, I wouldn't say I liked the ordering page. It seems that the company is interested in making a negative impression on all new users. Plus, get ready to experience the culture shock at the local prices. The minimal price per page is £80. It seems to me that it is extremely high.

Oxbridge Essays pricing

This price is relevant for a two-week deadline. But what if you're short on time? According to my observations and many Oxbridge Essays reviews, you can ask for a 6-hour deadline. However, expect the price to rise to £100 or even more. I'm shocked at this pricing policy. Perhaps these guys really hired someone from Oxford or Cambridge? Otherwise, I cannot justify such a high price.

1Attractive website
1Extremely high prices
2Easy-to-use online chat
2Unclear order form
4Problems with paper quality
1Attractive website
2Easy-to-use online chat
1Extremely high prices
2Unclear order form
4Problems with paper quality

Paper Quality and My Experience Using This Service

Is Oxbridge Essays legit? Probably yes. But when I first saw the order form, I thought it was not a writing service but part of a student's research project. The window for ordering papers looks like a multi-page manuscript with endless notes, options, and lists. It is very uncomfortable. Why don't the site owners change this page at least a little?

Oxbridge Essays order form

Anyway, I chose a 2-page descriptive essay on the History of Art. First, I asked the writer to describe the stages of the birth of the Renaissance and the basic terminology. Then, since this is an important part of the culture, I asked to describe the main creative patterns of Renaissance artists. I also chose an 11-day deadline and APA reference style. In general, I had to spend about 20 minutes filling in each part of the ordering page. This was not the best experience of my life.

So let's discuss the paper quality. My essay was partly good, except for plagiarism and ignoring some of my requirements. In particular, the writer pointed out some painters of the Renaissance but did not write anything about why he or she chose them and how they are connected with the emergence of a whole cultural era. In addition, I did not find clear definitions of the Renaissance and those creative aspects that guided the artists. Some of the paragraphs were unrelated to each other. I got the impression that the writer just found some information on the Internet and decided to add it. Now I'm not surprised why I found so many negative Oxbridge Essays Reddit reviews.

Refund and Revision Policies

One interesting aspect is the lack of a clear refund algorithm or revisions. I found only a small "Dispute Resolution" block. However, you can look at the screenshot and understand that the company used very vague wording without describing a precise algorithm of actions. Is Oxbridge Essays legal? I am not ready to answer this question. But the company is doing everything to destroy student confidence.

Oxbridge Essays refund

Support and Communication

The site has an online chat so that you can contact support agents. The problem is that they are useless. I asked a very simple question about data privacy. I wondered why the writing service claims that it does not transfer user data to anyone, but the site has a list of companies that can access my order details.

Oxbridge Essays chat with support #1

First, the support agent asked me to provide evidence. After uploading screenshots and direct links, I got an amazing response. My support agent advised me to use a one-time password, e-mail, and choose a nickname. But what if I pay for my order with my credit card? Overall, I didn’t get an answer to my question. Is Oxbridge Essays legit? I think the answer is obvious.

Oxbridge Essays chat with support #2


This is an overpriced writing service that does not provide the stated level of quality. All you'll find here are marketing gimmicks. How can Oxford or Cambridge graduates make so many mistakes? I am disappointed and think this site does not deserve your attention. You should find another writing service. Don't believe in fake reviews and advertising slogans. Local writers are not ready to work well. I'm not even sure that the so-called experts are native speakers.


This company is registered in London, UK. But this fact does not mean that you should unconditionally trust local writers. Be careful as you could lose your time and money.

This company is unreliable because the writers ignore the basic requirements. This is unacceptable, and you should not trust such people. You shouldn't order your papers from here.

This is an insecure website as your data may be sent to third parties. In addition, the site contains a list of companies that can access the details of your order.

This site works, but you are unlikely to be pleased with the quality of the papers. It's best if you choose an alternative writing service and don't risk it. You shouldn't order assignments from here.

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