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Top Writing Services Of 2021

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📌One of the most reliable and professional essay writing services of the ✔️ 2021.

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📌Affordable prices and the team of professional writers📝 have made it one the best essay services among students all over the world.

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📌Even if you're on a tight budget 💰, you can afford this services and enjoy its good quality of services.


Service features

Service rating 3.0 out of 5.0
Prices from $29
Deadline 8 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

Company Overview

What is Paymetodoyourhomework? According to the site owners, this is a premium service. According to the information I found, local experts don't cut corners and write for successful people who know when to delegate tasks. But why does the average age of people who write Paymetodoyourhomework reviews not exceed 25 years?

Paymetodoyourhomework main page

Be that as it may, I decided to understand and test this service personally. This is how you can find out how close marketing statements are to the truth. I will not focus on advertising and will rely only on my experience so that you can get the most reliable information. So let's get started.

1Lots of papers
1High prices
2Free quotes
2No online support
3Tricky money back policy
4Light plagiarism
1Lots of papers
2Free quotes
1High prices
2No online support
3Tricky money back policy
4Light plagiarism

Prices and Deadlines

This is definitely not the most affordable service I've seen. If you want to order an essay or any other paper, you will have to pay at least $29 per page. Considering the quality of assignments I received, this is even worse than if you ordered paper for $5. The deadline depends on the urgency of your assignment. The company is ready to help you in eight hours. But in the case of full classes, you will have to wait at least a few days.

Price list

According to many Paymetodoyourhomework Reddit reviews, not all users were satisfied with the quality of the service. But I decided not to rely solely on someone else's opinion and ordered the paper. Now I can tell you about my personal experience and warn you against repeating my mistakes.

Paper Quality and My Experience Using This Service

You all know that marketers promise students only A+ grades and no problems. But is it really so? I decided to order a biology research paper as the other options were quite expensive. However, such an order is enough to find out how reliable this service is. Paymetodoyourhomework legit site claims you have never seen the best papers. I can say that it is not so.

I chose the topic of obesity in pets and attached enough information at the time of ordering. Overall, my paper cost me $174 for six pages. This is quite expensive, and the expert could have been more attentive during writing and proofreading. So, I waited for about a week and got my assignment 40 minutes late.

Order list

This would be acceptable to me if the quality were right for the price. But I found grammatical errors, statistical inaccuracies, and a slight deviation from the topic. This is especially odd because I have attached my sketches with the necessary information.

It took the expert two days to revise. After that, my paper looked better but still didn't match the order amount. And I didn't even find Paymetodoyourhomework phone number on the site. I had to use email to communicate with managers. This is similar to the primitive ways of communication in the Stone Age!

Refund and Revision Policies

Now let's talk about money and revisions. Initially, I assumed that such a high price would guarantee me no problems. But the negative Pay Me To Do Your Homework reviews turned out to be true. The point is that the revision policy really works, and the expert has fixed some of the errors.

But once you have used this service, you can no longer return 100% of the payment. The point is that you agree that the quality is acceptable, although not perfect. But what if the expert only makes it worse and my paper becomes less quality? This is a very tricky service policy.

Support and Communication

Here's another headache for you. There is no online chat here! Why should I wait 10-15 minutes for an answer and use email? And where is location? I have no answers to these questions. The communication process is so long that I would have had time to write my paper myself.

Paymetodoyourhomework contacts


Is Pay Me To Do Your Homework legit? In part, yes. But do you want to spend several hours on correspondence and wait for the experts to write your paper for the third time? I think the answer is no. If you have ever read a positive review, then you shouldn't be happy because this is a fake and better avoid using this site to order papers. Find an alternative, and don't waste your nerve cells in communication. Pigeon Post is faster than local managers.


It is a legit company, but the quality of service is very low even for undemanding customers.

This is not a complete scam. But you shouldn't rely on quality expert services.

The service cannot guarantee you the timely writing of papers. You should find an alternative.

This service is not working properly. You may lose your time and money here.

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