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Top Writing Services Of 2021

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📌One of the most reliable and professional essay writing services of the ✔️ 2021.

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📌Affordable prices and the team of professional writers📝 have made it one the best essay services among students all over the world.

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📌Even if you're on a tight budget 💰, you can afford this services and enjoy its good quality of services.


Service features

Service rating 3.0 out of 5.0
Prices from $11.99
Deadline 3 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

Company Overview

For starters, let me drop a few words about myself. I am an ordinary student who combines study, parties, and a part-time job. Hence, sometimes it is hard to complete all the homework in time.

Thus, I started looking for a company that will help me to write an essay. In a few minutes, I’ve found the WriteMyPaper service and decided to place an order. Keep reading the WriteMyPapers review to discover if this service is worth your attention.

Briefly, it’s an ordinary company that offers essay writing services. They cooperate with different writers around the globe. Furthermore, the company is located in Cyprus, which is far from any English speaking country.

Unlike many other paper writing services, there is no ability to select a writer. So, will the system pick up the best one? No! A support team member will manually assign a free writer to your order. I hope these guys won’t assign my order to the writer with the worst rating!

Chatting with the support manager of WriteMyPapers
1A large variety of services.
1High prices.
2Live chat.
2Partial refund.
3Loyalty program.
1A large variety of services.
2Live chat.
3Loyalty program.
1High prices.
2Partial refund.

Prices and Deadlines

There is a banner that offers you the opportunity to get a one-page essay for $11.99 on the home page. Wow! The price is not so high! However, there are some peculiarities that you should know before using this writing service. Further, I will discuss all the details in my WriteMyPapers.org review.

For starters, $11.99 is the price for a double spaced page with content that is written by an undergraduate writer. Moreover, the writer should have at least 14 days to write a paper. Really? Who wants to wait half of a month? In case you want a bachelor's level writer to create a paper for you in three days, the price will rise to $25. Woah! That's more than two times the price jump!

WriteMyPapers price list

Moreover, that price is not final. If you select the professional writer level, the price will rise to $31! That's very high for 275 words of content! Hence, those who need an essay from proficient writers will need to pay a few times more than the minimum cost.

Paper Quality and My Experience Using These Service

I didn't want an undergraduate writer to create my essay. Thus, I selected the bachelor's academic level and picked up a deadline date in one week. Hopefully, I had enough time. After paying $20, I've received a message that the order is active. Unfortunately, I didn't get a receipt or invoice. Anyway, let's wait!

While we are expecting the delivery, let me drop a few words about the interface and user experience. Do you know what are the most annoying things when you are browsing a web page? Correct! Ad messages that appear as frequently as possible overlaying the site. Check out the screenshot in my WriteMyPapers review with four popup messages at one time.

WriteMyPapers popup messages

Finally, I've received my essay and started reviewing it. The overall quality of the essay was not terrible. However, the price was $20 for a double-spaced page. It's 275 words only!

Hence, I was expecting a professional paper with some facts, stats, and citations. In fact, I've received an ordinary paper with a student's opinion. It was a big disappointment because I could write the same in one hour by myself. There was no need to waste $20 and one week!

Refund and Revision Policies

One of the most captivating banners on all the site's pages informs that these guys provide a 100% money-back guarantee. Is that true? Keep reading the WriteMyPapers review to figure it out!

WriteMyPapers refund information

A full refund is possible. However, you can get it only if the company couldn't accept your order! In any other case, a refund will be partial. How does it work? It's straightforward! The writer’s work should be compensated, even if the delivered paper is terrible. Consequently, if the essay is meaningless, you can get a 50% refund only!

Support and Communication

These guys provide 24/7 live support via live chat. Unfortunately, their agents are too busy, or their typing skills are quite low. Anyway, do not expect rapid replies. Additionally, you can contact them via email, Messenger, or Skype.

There is the option to request a callback or make a call to a toll-free number. Unfortunately, both options didn't work for me. Hence, the only way to get some assistance is to drop a message or launch a live chat.


Summing up other WriteMyPapers.org reviews, this essay writing service is an excellent choice if you have plenty of time or don't know where to spend your billions. Unfortunately, the advertised price per page is a kind of cheating. If you want to get a high-quality paper, you should be ready to pay 5x times more.


According to their Terms of Use, the company is legit. Moreover, they have a physical company's address and registration number.

I cannot clarify this since the poor quality of the essay doesn’t worth its price.

It's hard to say if the WriteMyPaper scam. However, you should know that only a 50% refund is possible if you are not satisfied with the quality of your essay.

According to other WriteMyPapers.org reviews, this service doesn't have a five-star rating. It's not a bad essay writing service. But I am sure that it's not the best one!

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