Peter Graham

About me

I’m not a freedom fighter or a grammar nazi, but I believe that when I pay money for a service, the value I get should be equivalent to the sum paid. That was not the case when I ordered college papers from some companies that shall remain unnamed here (though you can find my reviews of their services on the website). I hate feeling like a fool and wasting hours of my time on useless negotiations with support managers that never result in refunds.

How it started

Consider this site an outcry aimed at writing services that fool unsuspecting students and give nothing for something. Still, I am not against buying papers in principle. I know there are reliable companies out there that deliver quality. You will find my experiences with them described in some posts.

My goal

I try to remain objective and explain all possible downsides and risks, along with benefits whenever I deal with a new service. You can call it a journal that helps me remember the websites I should avoid at all costs and the companies I can rely on. If my confessions and analysis benefit you too, I will consider my time writing them well spent.
Remember that my posts are not advertisements for or against writing companies. They are nothing but descriptions of my experiences, good, bad, and ugly. You are welcome to agree or disagree with me, as long as you remain civil.