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📌One of the most reliable and professional essay writing services of the ✔️ 2021.

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📌Affordable prices and the team of professional writers📝 have made it one the best essay services among students all over the world.

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📌Even if you're on a tight budget 💰, you can afford this services and enjoy its good quality of services.


Service features

Service rating 3.5 out of 5.0
Prices from $3
Deadline 3 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

Company Overview

StudyBay is a freelance company based on a bidding system. It means that placing and taking orders looks like an auction. People all over the world can use this platform to offer their writing services and to order papers.

Numerous studybay reviews state that it isn’t necessarily good as many people who are not native speakers offer their services. In this case, the quality of the paper may be mediocre. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the papers are bad. However, their quality might be dubious.

StudyBay main page

The company itself states that it’s from the USA. Nevertheless, it has nothing to do with the number of mistakes on its site. Right? Anyway, let’s find the pros and cons there.

1A big number of writers and tutors.
1No one guarantees the excellent quality of papers.
2Quite low starting prices.
2Real problems with deadlines.
3You can place and take orders with no middlemen involved.
3Writers and tutors can be non-native speakers.
4If you want to have your business plan or presentation done, find other companies that offer such services.
5Hidden fees.
1A big number of writers and tutors.
2Quite low starting prices.
3You can place and take orders with no middlemen involved.
1No one guarantees the excellent quality of papers.
2Real problems with deadlines.
3Writers and tutors can be non-native speakers.
4If you want to have your business plan or presentation done, find other companies that offer such services.
5Hidden fees.

Prices and Deadlines

Let’s not forget that it’s a bidding service, so it doesn’t have fixed prices. However, there are minimum starting prices. The minimum price is $5 regardless of the type of work being done.

Nevertheless, if you want to get your paper at the earliest possible juncture, you have to pay more money. For instance, an essay costs $8 per page if you need it to be done within 4 hours. A research paper will be done within the same period at $6 per page.

What you can order at StudyBay

AIt’s stated that creative writing costs $3 per page. Almost every reasonable studybay review points out that this price isn’t really applicable. Please bear in mind that the lowest prices might not work, and there are fees that this platform charges. That’s a real problem with bidding services, and it is extremely annoying. Pioneer, PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted.

Paper Quality and My Experience Using These Service

I needed a short essay, a couple of pages, and I wanted to get it very fast. It took time to choose the appropriate writer because I disliked some of them whereas the others didn’t really understand the theme that needed to be enlightened. Almost every studybay review depicts the possibility to meet an amateur approach to writing papers.

Writers' experience and ratings

The deadline was 8 hours. Naturally, I had more time; I just wanted to know how they work. It seems that I was unlucky that day. Firstly, my deadline has been missed. Of course, a two-hour delay wasn’t critical but still, it was unpleasant.

Buying research paper at StudyBay

Secondly, the quality of that essay was dubious. It was a mess. I had a feeling that Google Translate has been used. Some other studybuy reviews confirm my experience

Refund and Revision Policies

Naturally, I asked for a free revision because that paper couldn’t be used even as a draft. You can request revisions for free within 20 days there. Actually, it took a couple of days to make that paper mediocre.

The writer had a so-called ‘Scholar’ rank. I guess that I was totally unlucky. I want to believe that not all writers are similar to mine.

The company insists that it has a money-back guarantee. When I started to talk about having my money back, it has been put to me that it’s very arduous to implement. Thus, I don’t believe it really works in practice. Several reviews point out the same.

Support and Communication

Obviously, their chatbot is charming, but it isn’t helpful. If you call, a support agent doesn’t really know what to answer. Their support team looks unprofessional. Apart from my study bay review, you can read the same in some others.

So, the support team is far from perfect. Well, you can use email as a form of communication, but it takes quite a long time for them to answer.

How does StudyBay works


It seems that StudyBay is not the best bidding platform. Huge problems with missing deadlines, non-native speakers, passable papers, lack of assistance make this service unreliable, despite having some advantages like a big number of writers and students. It’s not a good idea to use the platform in an emergency because even high-rated writers cannot cope with average assignments.


It’s hard to deny that you can meet unreliable writers there, and it’s hard to get your money back. Moreover, the platform charges up to 40% every time you order. It’s a bonny sum, isn’t it?

The service states that no one will know about your activity there. If you believe such ambiguous statements, have a go! No one guarantees that you will remain unidentified. Naturally, they don’t take responsibility for any force majeure circumstances.

Its headquarters is located in Malta which is known for its loyalty to dubious services. So, is studybay legit? The company claims that it is legit and has nothing to do with similar bidding services being caught in a deception..

My experience teaches us not to fully rely on writers there. If you need a mediocre paper, you can probably regard this service as an option. You always have to have more time in order to sort everything out and shape up your paper. Otherwise, use more reliable services.

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