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Service features

Service rating 2.5 out of 5.0
Prices from $10
Deadline 3 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

Company Overview

5Homework main page

5Homework is a writing service for students from the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia. DDW Corp Limited is the owner of this site. Unfortunately, the company is registered in Cyprus, and this is a bad sign since this country is outside the competence of the American Themis. On the other hand, the website is fairly modern and seems user-friendly. But what about the quality of the papers? Let's start this 5Homework review and find out all the details.

Prices and Deadlines

I think the local prices are reasonable. If you're not in a rush, you can opt for a 14-day deadline and pay $10 per page. Besides, if you are in a hurry, then your assignment can be completed in three hours. After that, however, the price will rise to $38. It is worth noting that if you want to order a university paper, then the minimum deadline will be increased to 24 hours.

5Homework pricing

You can also use additional services. However, it is worth noting that an advanced writer will cost you almost 40% more. Plus, the plagiarism report costs $9.99. But let's not dwell on pricing and continue with this 5Homework.com review.

1Easy-to-use website
1Writers don't stick to deadlines
2Free hotline
2Poor paper quality
3Light plagiarism
4Unclear refund policy
1Easy-to-use website
2Free hotline
1Writers don't stick to deadlines
2Poor paper quality
3Light plagiarism
4Unclear refund policy

Paper Quality and My Experience Using This Service

To test the quality of services, I decided to order a 2-page admission essay. I indicated that I would devote my life to music, and I want an admission committee to see my thirst for knowledge. In addition, I asked the writer to indicate my intentions to become a professor and teach students in the future. Overall, I have attached a detailed list of 10 points that were most important to me.

5Homework order form

Unfortunately, the writer decided that the five requirements could be ignored. In particular, I did not see a description of my goals, ambitions, skills, desires, and general strategy for achieving heights as a musician. If you've ever read 5Homework.com reviews, you should know that local writers don't worry too much about plagiarism. Instead, I found three plagiarized sentences.

In addition, the writer made four typos and five grammar mistakes. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that my assignment was written in a hurry. In particular, I wouldn't say I liked the presence of tautology and incoherent sentences. Finally, it is worth noting that I paid $42, and this is a large enough amount for such a paper.

Refund and Revision Policies

The company provides free revisions if the client indicates all errors or provides a plagiarism report. But I wouldn't say I like that the terms of the refund are rather unclear. In particular, any paper must be reviewed by the QA team. Only after the final verdict can you expect a refund.

5Homework refund

Besides, you can forget about this option if you took advantage of the discounts. It is worth noting that additional services like plagiarism reports or VIP writers are a one-way journey. No one will return your money even if the quality of the assignments will be terrible. Is 5Homework.com legit? I think this is a rhetorical question, and you already know the answer.

Support and Communication

The support managers seemed pretty nice to me. Moreover, the average waiting time was about 30 seconds. These guys really want my money! In addition, the manager assured me that the local writers would do an excellent assignment for me. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a lie. However, I was not surprised. I spent about three hours and found only a few positive 5Homework reviews.

5Homework support

Most of the students complained that the promises of the managers weren't worth a cent. This is very sad because a beginner can spend a lot of time and effort without getting a good paper. By the way, this is one of the few writing services that allow anyone to call the hotline to clarify details. Therefore, I was able to talk with managers and discuss additional options. However, the writer ignored them.


It's time for the final part. I cannot say that I liked this writing service. To begin with, the company hired good lawyers to create a tricky refund & revision policy. In addition, the website is registered in Cyprus. This means that you should not seek justice in court. 

I did not like the quality of the papers, plagiarism, and non-compliance with my requirements. This is unacceptable to me. In addition, managers lie to all clients and do not say that local writers are incompetent. Therefore, I don't think you should order any papers from here. Find an alternative because you risk wasting money and your time.


It is a legit company registered in Cyprus. However, in my opinion, this is not an advantage, as the local legislation is rather tricky, and American or European students will not be able to obtain a refund through the courts.

This is an unreliable writing service since most of my requirements have been ignored. This is unacceptable, and I do not recommend that you order anything from here.

The company declares that all user data is safe. However, I have not found any confirmation or guarantee that your information will not be transferred to third parties. So you'd better look for alternatives.

This site disappointed me. I was counting on local writers to work properly. But, unfortunately, you cannot count on meeting all requirements and high quality.

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