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Service features

Service rating 2.7 out of 5.0
Prices from $23
Deadline 24 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

Company Overview

24HourAnswers is not a traditional academic writing company, where a writer is assigned to a student to fulfill his/her paper. This platform provides two types of college homework help as written solutions and online tutoring.

So, you have to fill in the order form with your homework question, attach the homework file, choose a subject, set a deadline, indicate a tutor session, and wait for the assigned expert.

You can check his/her rating, information, chat with him/her about your homework, and if you find this candidate perfect for you, then you choose this tutor. Moreover, this platform has a library of academic solutions that you can purchase.

24HourAnswers tutor details and qualifications

Before placing an order with my homework problem, I decided to explore different websites and read feedback from students. Unfortunately, I did not find 24HourAnswers Reddit channel, so I started to look through reviews on other sites.

It is very strange, but the ratings on these online platforms vary greatly. For example, 24HourAnswers Trustpilot rating is 4.5, while on other websites, it starts from 1.3 to 3.6 of 5.

In most cases, students got help from tutors but were not satisfied with it. However, I decided to try this service and find out whether it was reliable or not. Keep reading my 24HourAnswers review to know more.

1User-friendly website.
1They do not have additional services.
2Wide range of subjects.
2Bad refund policy.
3You can choose a tutor.
3You cannot get urgent help.
4They do not provide free revisions.
5It takes a lot of time to find the right tuto.
1User-friendly website.
2Wide range of subjects.
3You can choose a tutor.
1They do not have additional services.
2Bad refund policy.
3You cannot get urgent help.
4They do not provide free revisions.
5It takes a lot of time to find the right tuto.

Prices and Deadlines

On this website, you will not find a price calculator, because an assigned tutor sets the price quote and you can discuss it with him. However, the service indicates that prices range between $23 and $45 per session.

As for the library of academic solutions, the prices start at $ 2 to $ 80. Unfortunately, this platform does not have a discount system and promo codes.

24HourAnswers' services

Students can choose any due day in a calendar, but it is not possible to indicate the time of delivery. Besides, you can wait for a tutor for a long time, so this service is not the best choice for urgent assistance. There are better 24HourAnswers alternatives that will help you do homework quickly at an affordable price.

Paper Quality and My Experience Using These Service

I was disappointed that I did not find 24HourAnswers Reddit reviews from students, but I decided to try this service and get help with my Spanish assignment.

Having placed an order, I went to a personal account with a big messenger where I could chat with an assigned tutor. Speaking about the process of choosing a tutor, I did not like the following things:

  • I waited for a tutor for a long time. This platform is so proud of its big team of professional tutors, so I did not expect to wait for an expert for about an hour. But when I turned to them for help in the evening, I was expecting a tutor for more than three hours!
  • The assigned tutor did not know what kind of help I was looking for. Unfortunately, when I finally got an expert, he asked me what type of help I needed, as he could only provide a writing solution. Moreover, he was a Doctor in Philosophy in Quantum mechanics, but his Spanish was pretty good, and I chose him.
24HourAnswers information about the tutor

As for homework help, I got a solution on time, and it was without spelling or grammar errors. However, a tutor did not give a full answer to my homework question, and while reading a paper, I had a feeling that he opened the first link in Google and paraphrased the information.

I also got an online session with another tutor, but it was a disappointment either. She was nice and friendly and answered my question, but her explanations were awful. I think that she was a college student who did not know the topic well and prepared an answer in advance.

Refund and Revision Policies

There is no revision policy and a good money-back guarantee. You can get a refund only if you and the tutor both agree that one is appropriate. But if the assigned tutor disagrees, then you will get an independent expert to decide whether a refund will be given.

24HourAnswers' refund policy

Support and Communication

Contacting 24HourAnswers

This platform does not have a live chat with a support team, and customers can contact them via email or make a phone call. I wrote them with some initial questions but waited for answers for 40 minutes.

According to students' reviews, when it comes to complaints about the quality, then the support agents ignore you and become rude.


To sum up my 24HourAnswers review, I cannot recommend this platform. It has more cons, and the quality problems are quite clear.

Having paid for online homework help, students cannot be sure that they will get the right solutions from their tutors. Moreover, this service does not protect the clients' rights, so there is a high probability that you will lose money.


Based on my 24HourAnswers review, it is not a reliable service. There is no guarantee that you will receive quality help, and it is difficult to get a refund.

I guess no. I got my homework solution on time and had a tutor session.

Yes, it is. Students can get homework assistance from online tutors.

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