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Service features

Service rating 2.5 out of 5.0
Prices from $15
Deadline 12 hours
Refund Policy No
Revision Policy No


FreeEssayWriter main page

Looking for a service that can help me tackle my research paper in three days, I found FreeEssayWriter, a new homework help platform. Exploring the website, I had a feeling of deja vu. I was sure that I already reviewed this site. After checking the list of the services that I checked before, I was shocked. The site of the MyPerfectPaper company is 99% identical to this one. They merely copied the existing website and launched it under a new domain. I am wondering why I didn't find this information in any of the FreeEssayWriter reviews I checked. 

The only differences are the logo and the page's title. They copied a logo from the original site and added 'Powered by,' proving that it is a second website that refers to MyPerfectPaper. Also, they updated only one word in the title. These guys did a great job. It took less than ten minutes, I suppose. The rest of the content is completely the same. Apparently, they get no orders at all, so they cannot afford to hire a developer who would create a unique website. I didn't expect such a twist when I started writing my Free Essay Writer review. 

FreeEssayWriter review on website

Moreover, the contact information, legal papers, and even comments remained the same. They didn't even try to update the company's name to make the site look reliable. Thus, the answer to the question, "Is Free Essay Writer legit?" becomes obvious when exploring this site. It seems like a scam that cheats on students. 


Indeed the prices and deadlines offered by this company are similar to the MyPerfectPaper service. The pricing page has the same design and table with rates. For example, one page of a paper composed by a high-school student and delivered in seven days is $15, including the 50% discount applied. Accordingly, the full price is $30. On the other hand, if you have an urgent assignment that is due in one day and has to be composed according to the Master's academic level, you will need to pay $22.25 per page.

FreeEssayWriter pricing

Worth noting in my review, there is no information about the promotion on the site. The 50% is applied to all prices by default. It looks rather like a marketing trick than a real promotion for students. Since the discount is already applied, you won't get the final charge reduced by applying a promo code. Frankly, there is no input field to redeem a promotion code at all on the order submission form. 

FreeEssayWriter order form

In addition, you should know that rates on the pricing page are approximate. The final charge may vary, depending on the type of assignment you select. For example, I needed these guys to compose a seven-page research paper for me in three days. It's quite a challenging task, so they charged me $133.

150% discount
1Copied website
2Live chat
2Fake Terms of Use
3Poor quality of papers
4Sneaky Money Back guarantee
150% discount
2Live chat
1Copied website
2Fake Terms of Use
3Poor quality of papers
4Sneaky Money Back guarantee


I placed an order on this website not to write this FreeEssayWriter review. I needed an expert to create a top-grade research paper on online education for me fast. Fortunately, they didn't miss a deadline, so I received my assignment on time. However, the paper I received was terrible. Placing an order, I spent a lot of time specifying thorough instructions for a writer. Seemed like the writer didn't notice them at all and delivered not what I needed. Moreover, I assume that the paper was performed by a non-native speaker or a high-school expert. Indeed, I spotted improper comma use and up to five misspelled words in the assignment that I received. 


If the question, "Is safe?" bothers you, the answer can be found in their refund policy. According to their Money Back guarantee, you will hardly get your money back if you receive a late order or a paper of poor quality.

FreeEssayWriter review on other website


Since the company doesn't have unique contact details, reaching these guys, you will likely get in touch with experts at the MyPerfectPaper service. Also, they have a live chat that you can use to communicate with a support manager to clarify your doubts. Unfortunately, the only positive moment that I noticed won't convince me to change my opinion in this Free Essay Writer review. 


Summing up, we need to answer the question, "Is legit?" Indeed the answer is No! The service is a copied version of another paper writing website. They changed only two words on the entire site to make it unique. I wouldn't recommend using this service to get help with college assignments. Stay away from this scam!


I can hardly tell if the service is legit. They have a company's address specified in Terms of Use. However, there are a lot of other companies registered under the same address.

The service is not reliable at all. These guys don't follow instructions and deliver papers that don't match the chosen academic level. According to reviews of other users, it results in low grades.

If you're looking for a safe platform that keeps your money safe and doesn't share personal information with others, you better look elsewhere. Moreover, they use Terms of Use copied from another website.

Technically, the website doesn't work at all. There are no legal documents to prove that Free Essay Writer is a real company.

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