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Service features

Service rating 3.1 out of 5.0
Prices from $12
Deadline 6 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

Company Overview

Paperell main page

Paperell is a writing service registered in Bulgaria. RATATATA LTD owns the website and brand. The company positions itself as a reliable and anonymous writing service. But is it so? Is Paperell reliable? I'm going to tell you about every aspect, so you know all about the quality of local services. So let's get started!

Prices and Deadlines

The pricing policy of the website is quite specific, as all writers are freelancers. This means that the price for each order may vary. All in all, a single page cannot cost less than $12. This price is relevant if you are willing to wait up to 14 days. The minimum deadline is limited to six hours. Plus, in this case, the price will go up to $38 per page.

Paperell pricing

It should be noted that the company actively offers the automatic selection of the best writer. Unfortunately, this option costs almost $10. When I started writing this Paperell review, I found some additional services. The funniest one is the $12.99 VIP support.

Why do I need to pay almost $13 extra for a simple online chat? I can ask any question to the managers whenever I want. This is a ridiculous service created only as an additional source of income. Is Paperell legit? Let's find it out!

1Beautiful website
1Poor grammar & spelling
2Professional support managers
2The writer ignored some of my requirements
3Weird word constructions in my essay
4Unfair refund policy
1Beautiful website
2Professional support managers
1Poor grammar & spelling
2The writer ignored some of my requirements
3Weird word constructions in my essay
4Unfair refund policy

Paper Quality and My Experience Using This Service

I don't trust companies that hire freelancers and don't have an official writing team. However, I decided to take a chance and ordered a 2-page APA history essay about the causes of Napoleon Bonaparte's loss at Waterloo 1815. Since I did not know anything about the writer's skills, I asked them to fulfill my order in 10 days. I also sent a detailed list with instructions. Besides, I asked for a description of Napoleon's strategic mistakes, the food supply problem, and the general fatigue of the soldiers.

Paperell order form

It is worth noting that I had to pay $36, which is quite expensive for the college level. But let's not get hung up on the price and continue with this review. The writer was able to send my paper on time. However, that was the only good aspect. I liked the introduction and even the beginning of the first body paragraph. 

Unfortunately, the rest of the paper did not meet my requirements. In particular, the writer did not indicate a single reason for the defeat of Napoleon's army! Based on the writer’s logic, "the French military leader was too obsessed with victory and did not see any obvious advantages on the side of the British army." It seems to me that even a child can come up with such a statement.

Besides, I was shocked by the poor grammar and spelling. It is possible that local writers collect up to 20 orders and do not even have time to read all the requirements. Is legit? Although this company is legit, I got the impression that I entrusted my paper to scammers.

Refund and Revision Policies

First, I'll tell you something about the revision policies. If you have compelling reasons to require any amendments, you should send a screenshot indicating the errors or other confirmation of your rightness. In this case, a QA team will check the relevance of your requirements. Unfortunately, the refund procedure is trickier. In particular, you cannot ask for a 100% refund in most cases.

Paperell refund

This option is only available if the paper contains high plagiarism or an incoherent set of sentences. Partial refunds are only possible after the company acknowledges the writer's mistakes. Even so, you will not get your money back. Instead, you can use the remaining amount to reorder. This is why I came across a lot of negative Paperell reviews while testing this writing service.

Support and Communication

This is the only positive aspect. Managers respond quickly, and you can clarify any information on the order. It seems that this is the only department of the company that knows English and is ready to provide high-quality services. I'm glad that at least someone in this company cares about customers.


It's time for the final verdict. I have read many reviews and have spent quite a bit of time testing the services. Unfortunately, this company is not interested in providing first-class service. You should understand that you run the risk of losing your money as soon as you deposit on the site. Please don't risk it! Find an alternative service so as not to waste time on disputes and refunds.


Yes, it is a legit company registered in Bulgaria. However, this country is known for very loyal legislation, which always supports local companies. This means that no one will satisfy all your claims about the quality of papers.

I think this is an unreliable website. Local writers ignore requirements and are negligent in completing assignments. You'd better find an alternative as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, I can neither confirm nor deny the company's claims about 100% security and anonymity. You should understand that this is a Bulgarian company, so American, Canadian, and European students can only rely on relative safety.

This site is not working properly. I think this is a very mediocre writing service with no guarantees of quality or money back. Find another one as soon as possible.

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