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📌Affordable prices and the team of professional writers📝 have made it one the best essay services among students all over the world.

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Service features

Service rating 3.1 out of 5.0
Prices from $13.99
Deadline 3 hours
Refund Policy Yes
Revision Policy Yes

Company Overview

UkWritings main page

UkWritings is a writing service that markets itself as the best website for ordering papers, regardless of academic level. This is a pretty bold statement. Moreover, the company claims to be ready to write the perfect assignment for every UK student. At first glance, the website seemed cute to me. I was even able to find out that UK WRITINGS LTD owns a website and is registered in London, UK. Is UkWritings good? Let's find it out now!

Prices and Deadlines

Let's talk about pricing first. If you choose the 14-day deadline, the price per page will be $13.99. A 3-hour deadline will increase the cost to $41.12. I think this is a fairly high price. I also want to tell you about additional options that are not usually mentioned in most reviews. For example, if you want your paper to be proofread by an editor, you will have to pay $2.55 per page.

UkWritings pricing

Does this mean that the initial quality of the assignments is mediocre? You will soon find out the whole truth. By the way, if you want to get a draft, then the price of your paper will rise by 20%. Moreover, the originality report costs $29.99. These guys know how to make money on naive students. Is UK Writings legit? Now you will find out.

1Paper samples
2Missed deadlines
3UKWritings fake reviews
4Many typos and spelling errors
5The writer ignored some of my requirements
1Paper samples
2Missed deadlines
3UKWritings fake reviews
4Many typos and spelling errors
5The writer ignored some of my requirements

Paper Quality and My Experience Using This Service

Now it's time to talk about how the writers handled my assignment. I decided not to experiment and chose a 2-page essay on Architecture. My topic was "The influence of the Renaissance on European architecture." I asked the writer to focus on churches and monasteries and only briefly describe urban architecture. In addition, I asked to describe in detail the contribution of Pierre Lescot and Jean Bullant to world architecture since these legendary personalities became the pioneers of the Renaissance and the main ideological inspirers of many generations of architects.

UkWritings order form

By the way, I chose a four-day deadline and paid $43.98. It is worth noting that it took the author two hours more than I indicated when ordering the paper. Plus, I found light plagiarism. But most of all, I didn't like that the writer mentioned Philibert Delorme and not the architects I asked for initially. Moreover, I have not found a single mention of churches or monasteries. Why did the writer choose to ignore my instructions? Is UKWritings legit? This is a rhetorical question. In addition, I found quite a few typos and spelling errors. Is the 2-day deadline not enough to complete the task?

Refund and Revision Policies

Now let's talk about what you won't find in other UKWritings reviews. First, the company can refund your money if you do not like the final quality. But you will not receive the entire amount, but only 70%. In addition, the final verdict depends on the so-called QA team. Moreover, the percentage may be lower if you have previously asked for at least one amendment.

UkWritings revision

In addition, I recommend that you read the "Refund Processing" section. It says that the money is returned only to your account on the site. This means that you can only use it to reorder paper. Is UKWritings legit? For me, this company looks more and more like a fraudulent company. That is why I advise you to read all the conditions for ordering assignments in advance.

Support and Communication

I had to communicate with two support agents when placing the order. They were all courteous. I cannot say anything bad about their professional skills. In addition, I managed to get through to the hotline. Generally, everything related to support and communication caused me the least questions. Why couldn't the company hire good writers? This will remain a mystery to me. However, it's time for the final part of this review.


This is a very strange writing service. First, I think the prices are quite high. Secondly, I wouldn't say I liked the quality of the paper and the fact that the writer ignored some of my requirements. Finally, it's worth noting that the essay could be good if the writer took at least 20 minutes to edit each page. 

But most of all, I didn't like the refund policy. If you pay for the services of these guys, then you will never see your money again. Don't like the quality of the papers? It's your problem. At least the owners of this site think so. Either way, you'd better find a more reliable website where you won't waste your money and time. I hope this UKWritings review helps you avoid mistakes.


Yes, it is a legit company registered in the UK. However, I do not recommend that you order your assignments from here. You may be completely disappointed with the final quality.

No. This is an unreliable site. Local writers don't stick to deadlines and ignore even basic requirements. This is unacceptable for any such company.

The company claims that students have nothing to worry about. However, I did not find any mention of SSL encryption or any other technology for protecting personal data. So you will have to take risks if you want to order papers from here.

I do not think so. Any responsible company conducts strict quality control. However, given the quality of my paper, I think this site is not working as it should. You should find an alternative.

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